Healthy, Resilient, and Effective

Healthy, Resilient, and Effective

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This book has been designed to help leaders of sending agencies and churches in

creating a comprehensive care plan for their members in mission.

The first nine chapters give a comprehensive overview about the why and how to of setting up a member care plan for cross cultural workers.

The following nine chapters discuss in depth the challenges cross-cultural workers are dealing with and what member carers (church, friends, agency) can do to assist them and even more importantly how to avoid unnecessary crises and suffering on the part of these choice people of God.


ï    The benefit of member care for a sending church ar agency

ï    Four aspects of cross-cultural workers' health

ï    The process of screening new workers

ï    Policies and procedures as an expression of member care

ï    Steps in creating a care plan and becoming a member care person

ï    Cross-cultural workers' loss and grief

ï    Single on the mission field

ï    Moral dilemmas of field workers

ï   Approaching retirement and finishing well

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