God's Secret Plan

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GOD’S SECRET PLAN was created before time or people existed.  Then, at the right time, God, the Son, became a human being.  His life, death and resurrection enable us both to understand and participate in His plan.

Disciples of Jesus from various people groups and religious backgrounds share compelling stories of how this “secret” changed them when they discovered that there is “nothing like it anytime, anywhere.”

Scriptures related to this plan deal with questions such as:

  •  Is the Christian faith different from other religions?
  •  What is the proof that someone is sent from God?
  •  Do all local churches and individual believers have global   
  •  How can more workers be recruited?
  •  Where is God when the earth shakes?
  •  Does it matter how we celebrate Christmas?
  •  Are individuals still called and sent to the “ends of the    
      earth?” (2013)