Caring Without Wearing.

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Perhaps you can relate to the Richardsons.  When they first met Lisa, she was new to their area and feeling quite lonely.  So they invited her home for dinner. But it quickly became apparent that Lisa's problems didn't stop at being new and feeling lonely.
    Awash in a flood of frequent calls, emergency demands, and "heartbreaking" personal problems, they began to feel helpless and used.  Their Christlike concern for a person in need eventually drained them of any desire to help anyone else.
    Many of us struggle to care for the weary and burdened people around us, only to wind up feeling overwhelmed and under qualified to offer the right kind of help.  But it is possible to genuinely care for others without wearing yourself out- and this small group discussion guide will show you how.
    Carol Travilla's simple, hands-on approach will help you learn how to say the right things, do what is necessary, and actively listen - all without draining yourself.
    "There's a great need for us to care for one another in a loving non-threatening way," writes Carol Travilla.  Caring Without Wearing will show you and your small group how to do it effectively, confidently, and safely.