12 Beautiful Blessings

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This book considers the Beatitudes to be a process model of character and relationship development lived out and taught by Jesus. It provides essential fabric for Christian growth and joy. The timeless sequence of the Beatitudes is developmental because the character qualities build on one another with each revealing an aspect of Christ’s character.

As growth takes place His blessings enable us to be used by God in different ways. A person who has never learned how to mourn is unlikely to be meek. A person who is not meek is less likely to hunger and thirst after righteousness. To be an effective peacemaker requires all of the skills previously developed in foundational character qualities. After developing the social competence of peacemaking, one is more likely to have the courage and pluck to endure persecution for righteousness sake.

Notice that God’s blessing  of the believer in this world is now followed by God’s purpose through the believer. After gaining the freedom to die for Christ, Jesus addresses the impact of the transformed believer to bless the world and cautions about the ongoing challenges of not losing one’s spiritual vitality.