Trauma and Resilience

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Are you looking for resources to come alongside people who are suffering as they serve God?

This book brings together theological perspectives; personal stories; and spiritual, psychological, community, and medical resources. It is research-based and at the same time practical. This is a handbook for church and mission leaders, peer supporters, counselors, those in personnel and member care roles, as well as those who suffer. It is also an excellent resource for training courses about this topic. 

“It is inevitable that we will suffer and there are losses, insults, and injuries that shake us so deeply that we can barely stand.  Traumatic experiences demand that we reorient our spirit, mind, and body to a vastly new way of living or we will not grow let alone endure the suffering.  This brilliant book explores the nature of trauma and its effect on the whole person and invites both those in trauma and care givers to consider what is involved in becoming passionately alive, free, and sensitive to the mystery of heartache.  I found the stories of trauma and the reflections on those narratives both heartbreaking and enlivening as theory and practice was given the soil of actual suffering to ponder.  This is a majestic work, worthy to be in the armamentarium of every person who is serious about engaging human suffering in the light of a Biblical world view.”

Dan B. Allender, Ph.D., Professor of Counseling Psychology and Founding President,  The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology


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