The Old Man and the Sandpiper

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The old man rose from his favorite seat, a piece of driftwood, and slowly walked toward the water. The offshore breakers this day were small, as the wind was gentle. The incoming water left a wet serpentine border showing the Pacific’s push toward land. He stopped and watched a mature sandpiper drilling down into the moist sand for an eatable treasure to carry back to a nest in the tall grass. The adult bird was followed closely by a juvenile sandpiper. There were lessons to be taught and learned this day – as there were every day.  

The birds came closer to the tall, still figure. The adult sandpiper seemed to sense that there was no threat, so it drilled down into the sand again looking for more to share with others waiting. The young one watched and repeated, mimicking the diligence of the parent, continuing the biblical instruction instituted by God Himself.

“You are a young one, my little friend. The God of heaven provides for you and I am thankful that He put you here to teach mankind who the Lord is. I may have need for you in the future. Yes, I think we will meet again, my little one, soon.”

Juanita’s young life had been spent in pain, a pain that had grown so powerful that she wanted to destroy herself – along with the last one to hurt her.  Until she could accomplish her plan, she went to school and waited on tables at Mama Myrtle’s Café.   But quiet, unassuming Matsui Fuchida, that the guys around the table by the dirty window every Friday morning at Mama’s only knew as Mat sensed that Juanita was deeply hurting.  He then saw the blood and knew she was in great danger.  He wanted to help, but was there time?  As Mat walked the ocean shoreline southward he was deep in prayer. “Lord, I know that You have me here for a reason.”  He also knew that he needed the help of others.  But who would step up and possibly risk all to help?