Ted Sprague

Ted Sprague resides in the Atlanta area with his wife Tudi. They have two married daughters and six grandchildren. In addition to being an avid golfer,he has served as the executive director for the Georgia Golf Hall of Fame, marketing director for the Jack Nicklaus Museum, and founder of the AUGUSTA GOLF AND GARDEN attraction.  For 25 years of his career, he has been involved in the destination marketing industry, serving as president of the Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau from 1982 - 1991 and President of the Phoenix/Valley of the Sun Convention & Visitors Bureau.  He has been the principal of two consulting firms, Travel Destinations and Sprague and Associates, serving over 60 cities, attractions, and destinations. He has also consulted/worked with Promise Keepers, Haggai Institute, and Fellowship of Companies for Christ, serving as a facilitator of OWNER/CEOs for 14 yrs His specialty has been non-profit organizations including marketing, BD OF DIR facilitation and fund raising.  Ted is the author of 3 WITNESS related books...GOLFER'S OF MEN....THE MASTER'S TOUCH...and WITNESS BREAKTHROUGH...ALSO THE NAME OF THE MINISTRY HE FOUNDED.

Since becoming a Christian, Ted has had the privilege of speaking to groups and churches in more than 200 cities, 40 states, and several countries sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.

For 6 years now his sole focus has been the ministry called WITNESS BREAKTHROUGH (WB) Inc (501C3) The goal is to equip Christians to learn to share their faith more effectively on a daily basis where they live, move and have their being (Acts 17:28) through biblically sound principles of communication.

He has been equipping churches in Maine, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, Alabama, Florida, Georgia,Colorado, and California.  He also has trained Christian based leadership business groups through WB training in Colorado and Atlanta.

His calling is to MULTIPLY THE GOSPEL through WB training, preaching and weekly emails to hundreds of people modeling witnessing through actual fresh testimonies.