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It is sobering to realize that there are people who do trust us. If you are like me, you have let people down—disappointed them with your human frailty. If you are like me, then people whom you thought you could trust have not always proven trustworthy for the same reason. Humans strive to be trustworthy, but our very nature causes us to not always do what we should do, say what is right, or be there for those in need. There is One who is always—everyday, every moment—trustworthy. He is your Heavenly Father and He desires that you grow in your walk of trust with Him.





“…so that your trust may be in the Lord, I have taught you today, even you .” Proverbs 22:19




This is a book you will live and write as you learn to trust God. This is an exciting journey. It is one Linda has taken many times as God has used the circumstances of her life to draw her to Himself and teach her to trust Him.