Seven Streams of Grace

Seven Streams of Grace

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What began as a series of church dramas in Perth, Australia is now crossing many languages and cultures.  The Seven Streams of Grace takes audiences on a fast-paced adventure into every corner of the Bible.  You will discover that all the pieces in every era all fit together into one brilliant tapestry.  Better still, you will also find Yahweh God, the true hero, author and rescuer behind all these stories, and all our stories too.

 The artworks and study notes make The Seven Streams of Grace fascinating to young children, Bible professors and everyone in between.  After attending a seminar in India one participant exclaimed, “I feel like I’ve been through all three years of Bible College in one day!”  Primary schoolers and teens have helped present it, Soccer Moms have been delighted, and many intellectuals have been amazed to learn of so many things they did not know in the Bible.

 Translation work for The Seven Streams of Grace is either completed or in progress for languages including Khmer, Spanish, Burmese, Creole, French and Telegu.  It can be used in seminars, home-schooling, church and home group studies, private reading and for evangelism.  Seeing how Yahweh orchestrates the whole symphony of history will also preach the beautiful gospel to your own soul again! (May 2014)

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