Purity War 2012 Version

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It truly is a winnable war!

Tens of thousands of your fellow strugglers on five continents have attended the live seminars. Countless others have listened to the audio presentations. Now you hold in your hand the well-tested tool for becoming an Ambassador of Purity in your home, your church and your community, regardless of where you live.

Be equipped to win the purity war—from a thorough presentation of Scripture, church history and from Dr. Cecy’s four decades of ministry. With great sensitivity, biblical clarity, and pastoral passion, he presents:

  • the need for personal purity in an immoral world.
  • the fallacy of the "new morality"—the old immorality with a new name.
  • God’s design for sex as an expression of His oneness.
  • the steps down to the devastating results of moral failure.
  • the lines of defense in the daily battle with immorality.
  • how to guard your mind, your body and each other.
  • how to be made right with God, yourself and others.
  • how to start a revival of purity that lasts for generations.
This book includes a Study Guide and an extensive Personal Accountability Program for personal reflection or group study.  Two books under one cover.

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